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Meet Ratna

Om Swastiastu.

Hi, my name is Anak Agung Ratna Sari Dewi. People often call me Ratna.

I Love everything about Makeup .

Early Live And Education

I'm a Balinese Girl and was born 23 years ago.

I graduated from Denpasar State High School 1 where known as one of the best high school in Bali. Since high school, i never fail to place my self on big three of my class.

At first time i want to become a teacher because i like to teach kids in my neighbourhood, i took Balinese langage diploma in university because i want to introduce balinese culture to those child. But destiny take me to different pathway

In addition I also had the opportunity to follow some non-formal education such as:

  1. Beautician Course
  2. Hairdo Course
  3. Balinese Bridal Makeup Course

Work at Salon Agung

After graduate from high school, Ibu Agung (owner of Salon Agung) offer me place to learn and work closely with make up. Especially Balinese make up. Many Thanks to Ibu Agung to help me to find my passion. I can recognize and develop my talent in this field.

With Salon Agung flagship, i have chance to make up some of important people, such as :

  1. Mrs. Bambang Sudibyo (Wife of Minister of National Education )
  2. Mrs. Triesna Jro Wacik (Wife of the Minister of Culture and Tourism)
  3. Meutia Hafid (Metro TV New Reader)
  4. Tina Taliza (TV One New Reader)
  5. Anwar Nasution family (Head of BOK)
  6. Indra L Brugman (Indonesian Artist)
  7. Gubernur dan Wakil Gubernur Bali (on gubernatorial candidate debate)
  8. Ki Joko Bodo (Indonesian Artist)
  9. And also some Indonesian or Bali figure.

Gallery Work at Salon Agung

Achievement, Certificates and Recognition


  1. National Exam Balinese Bridal Makeup Badung Bali
  2. Competency Test of Beautician (LSK)
  3. Competency Test of Beautician (LSP)
  4. Balinese Bridal Makeup Instructor Exam
  5. Balinese Bridal Makeup Examiners


  1. Winner of Bali Bridal Makeup Instructor Competition
  2. Winner of Balinese Bridal Makeup Instructor on the National Jambore PTK PAUDNI Th. 2011


  1. Denpasar envoy Grabbed Gold Medal For PTK PAUD NI.
  2. Invited to meet Indonesian President.

Gallery Achievement, Certificates and Recognition

New Journey

After more than 5 year join Salon Agung team, now i decide to take my own path.

Become a freelancer Make up artist is not as easy as it said. I should prepare every detail thing.

But with every support that i get from my family, my fiance (that build this website from scratch), and people near me, I more than ready and able to offer and deliver you the best possible make up from all my experience and expertise.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

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