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Religious Ceremonial Makeup

Included Package

  • Make Up
  • Hair Styling
  • Payas Agung, Madya, And Nista
  • Tengkuluk Lelunakan and Modification style

Bali is a famous tourist area than for its natural beauty as well as culture that exist in it.

One very interesting thing is about the religious rituals. In this case we would associate it with the use of clothing and makeup to suit the customs  of each area in Bali. Each region has a typical individual use of materials and accessories. Besides religious rituals in the ceremony in Bali there are several levels that can distinguish between one and another makeup. It is determined also by the level and type of ritual ceremony performed. As in adults rose ceremony, tooth filing ceremony, wedding, dress to go to the temple (prayer), attend the customary fashion and so on.

In the use of clothing and makeup are also differentiated levels namely primary levels (Payas Agung), middle level (Payas Madya) and the level of abject (Payas nista).

To answer the needs order of it, then we provide a service on makeup and clothes for each event is held in accordance with the required level of makeup.

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